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The Glossary

(Under Construction. Expect spelling/grammar/linkage errors. But here's what I've got so far...)

Atrane: A small kingdom on the Guardcage continent. Kevinsky's birthplace, and also where he served as a guard for awhile. The King's not a nice man, if Kev is to be believed.

Bio (ETHER Element): One of the eight ETHER elements. It's the elemental of "the body" and the power of nature. It's opposite of Psi.

Darkness (ETHER Element): One of the eight ETHER elements. It holds the power to destroy destroy and corrupt. Zera forbids people in their realms from using Dark ETHER, while the Zenogains, on the other hand, believe Darkness is the "Power of Truth" given to mankind by Rahcreiok. Darkness's opposing elemental is, of course, Light.

Dark Master: A Zenogain informed of the deepest secrets of their texts who masterfully weilds the darkness as a weapon. They are generally considered more powerful than a Holy Knight, but there are far fewer of them. Exor is one of them.

Demon: A powerful sentient monster believed to come from a realm called "Hell." Almost all demons emit an energy that resonates with Elemental spirits. This energy is called L-type Energy. While most demons seem to enter this world from Inverse Babel, a few seem to appear out of deep caves or chasms. Demons seem to generally be exceedingly malicious and prey on humankind.

Demon Hunter: A member of a group controlled by King Elm of Zera. These warriors have the ability to track the L-type Energy that emanates from most demons. Demon Hunters seem to have strength and abilities that surpass most other warriors, including all but the most elite Holy Knights.

Dianolva: The home of the ancient Engelicans, who were ruled by the eleven Dianolva Priestesses. In present day, however, their civilazation stands in ruin, with only the ETHER Temple having been restored. Ethereal and her subordinates live there. For some reason, Ethereal cannot leave the temple grounds.

The Dianolva Priestesses: The eleven rulers of Dianolva, who were the most powerful female mages in Engelica. Most were killed by demonic invasion long ago, however. Ethereal is the last of their kind.

Earth (ETHER Element): One of the eight ETHER elements. It controls the "power of the land" and generally is used for protection or rock-based attacks. It seems to generally be less showy than other elements.Earth's opposing elemental is Sky.

ETHER: A magic, often elemental-based energy that allows the casting of spells. Most humans are born with an innate ETHER element which determines what kind of ETHER will come easiest to them. Most normal humans can only use very limited ETHER, and even if someone excels in a certain type of ETHER, they may only be able to use it in a limited amount of ways.

ETHER Element: One of the Eight types of ETHER energy that are present in the natural forces of the world. The eight ETHER elements are Light,Darkness,Fire,Water,Earth,Sky,Psi and Bio.

Fire (ETHER Element): One of the eight ETHER elements. It holds the power of flames and fury, and is normally a very offensive-oriented element. Fire's opposing elemental is Water.

Haato: A continent east of Zera. Home to Aizeer Freelands (where Sata Andagee is located), the Shirande Empire, and the Seabreeze Union (where Hamasho is located).

Hamasho: A peaceful beachside town in the Seabreeze union.

Hazard's Wake: This comic.

Hazard's Wake (No, seriously): Something, perhaps a place, that holds great power and lies in the sealed Northern Continent. Xantrich wants it, as does Talon, it seems.

Holy Knight: Zera's elite warriors. While originally only users of Light ETHER were accepted as Holy Knights, other Elementals are now being allowed. Holy Knights carry out any number of duties for Zera, as long as they fall under what Zera determines to be "battling evil." This can range from capturing criminals, monitoring monarchs, leading armies, and even espionage and assassination if necessary. There are currenly thirty-seven Holy Knights in operation.

Kancriel: The Triotch apparently live in the carcass of this rotting god, located inbetween dimensions.

Latune: A goddess worshiped by the Dianolva Priestesses before their demise. She is said to be of neither darkness nor light. Ethereal still spreads the teachings of this goddess to her subordinates, who generally just refer to her as "the goddess" or "my goddess." So few people have even heard of Latune that Zera doesn't consider her teachings to be a real religion.

Light (ETHER Element): One of the eight ETHER elements. Can be used for healing and protection but also for great destruction. Zera believes Light ETHER is granted to those with a divine purpose, while the Zenogain people view light as a force that misguides humans. Light's opposing elemental is, of course, Darkness.

L-Type Energy: An energy emmited by most demons. Demon Hunters can track this energy from a semi-short range, while ETHER machines can detect them from a much longer range.

Psi (ETHER Element): One of the eight ETHER elements. It's the elemental of "the mind." The rarest Element for people to possess, Psi has the frightening power to not only affect the outside world with ones mind, but in extreme cases, to influence the minds of others. The Psi Knight Tribe was the largest group of Psi ETHER users in the world. Psi's opposing elemental is Bio.

Psi Knight Tribe: A group of Psi users who were bent on training those with Psi powers and teaching them not to abuse their powers. Milliene is one of two known survivors of this tribe. The rest seem to have been killed by Xantrich before our story began.

Rahcreiok: The dark god that the Zenogain people worship. In the ancient Zenogain text, it is stated that those who aid this diety will be rewarded in death, being devoured and becoming one with Rahcreiok. Many believe that Rahcreiok is currently dead and is waiting revival at the Zenogains hands. Kancriel is said to be a lesser god spawned by Rahcreiok in the forgotten past.

Ruimekia: A country that occupies a good deal of the western Midcore continent. A network of caves run under its cities. It is there that the Zenogain people secretly live, speading thier teachings to a select few. The heads of the cities are all controled by the Zenogain cult.

Sata Andagee: A small village in the Aizeer Freelands. Birthplace of Hiro and home to Path. There's legends there that someone in the village decends from heroes. Yep.

The Shirande Empire: A small but merciless empire located in the sands of the Santaj desert in Haato.

Sky (ETHER Element): One of the eight ETHER elements. It controls wind and lightning, and can be used in many ways. Sky's opposing elemental is Earth.

The Triotch: Three nightmare beings that live in Kancriel's rotting body. They are both allies and enemies, working towards a common goal but not trusting each other. The Prime Triotch is the strongest and most focused of the three.

Water (ETHER Element): One of the eight ETHER elements. It , of course, creates and controls water, but also can be used for healing and force spells. Normally considered a calm element, though this isn't always the case. Water's opposing elemental is Fire.

Yahnilsil: Continent south of Hamasho. Contains Vinecliff, the Forbidden Region, and Daze. Is mostly surrounded by cursed water that will drag down boats into the depths.

Zenogain: a religious order that opposes Zera and worships the dark god Rahcreiok. Their headquarters is located under the hilland of Ruimekia. Those trained in their dark combat techniques are dubbed "Dark Masters." Sometimes spelt "Zenogian" because the author is scatterbrained >.>;;

Zera: The most powerful nation in the world, Zera is named after their religion, the Holy Faith of Zera, which a large percentage of the world subscribes to, in one form or the other. Zera is a controlling and peacekeeping precense in the world, sending their Holy Knights to keep the peace among humans and their Demon Hunters to slow the flow of demons that trickles into the world. Their current ruler in-name is King Elm, but Lord Alexander handles most of the duties, as Elm hides from the public eye.

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